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What is a fire extinguishing sticker developed by SAIKYO

A safe fire extinguishing agent that does not affect the environment and the human body is  in a microcapsule derived from nature and coated with special silicon.This sticker occurs at outlets, distribution boards, etc. That can instantly extinguish the initial fire It is the first product in JPN.

By installing outlets and distribution boards in offices, factories, supermarkets, hospitals, nursing care facilities, and other places, it is possible to prevent fires at the initial stage such as fires and earth leakage fires.

In addition, it is possible to prevent the destruction of important data in the event of a fire from the power supply circuit by installing it in a computer server that stores important data or in a lithium-ion battery.




​また、大切なデーターを保管しているコンピューターサーバー内、リチウムイオンバッテリー 内に設置する事により電源回路からの火災時大切なデーターの破壊を防ぎ、リチウムイオンバッテリー 火災による電車内等の火災を防ぐ事が可能です。

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