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New born Fire Fighting Paint

We received many requests from customers, so it took a year to complete the trial production, testing, and finally completed.   Fire Fighting Paint !! It is a paint that has the same fire extinguishing ability as a conventional sticker just by painting it to the place where it is exposed.Moreover, if it is a high voltage or high output area of ​​200v or more, you can freely paint adjust it by applying a large amount.   Please consider this opportunity.

お客様からのご要望が多く寄せられたので1年の歳月を掛けて試作から試験そしてついに完成しました、Fire Fighting Paint!!今までステッカーが貼り辛い箇所(ダクト、分電盤の配線が入り組んでいる所等)へ塗るだけで従来のステッカー同様の消火能力を持った塗料です。



New born Fire Fighting Cloth


Please see the ribbon type video currently under development at the request of our customers. A wonderful effect can be obtained by hanging it on a distribution board, etc., where it is difficult to paste and where the effect cannot be expected. We are working hard to create a ribbon-like material! stay tuned



2021/03/03 UP TO DATE

Be Born Fire Fighting Cloth


The Fire Fighting Cloth, which is only 0.5mm thick, is finally here!

It is very soft and can be carried in a pocket, drawer, etc. like a handkerchief, and the fire can be extinguished immediately in case of emergency.

厚さわずか0.5mmのFire Fighting Cloth(消火布)がついに誕生しました!



2021/02/27 UP TO DATE

On February 26, the bereaved family of the couple filed a lawsuit against Apple Japan regarding the fire while charging the I-Phone, saying that the cause of the fire was the I-Phone. Not limited to smartphones, it is used in various places such as lithium-ion batteries and rechargeable alkaline batteries, and fires caused by batteries occur frequently every year. It's a pity that you can prevent it just by putting a fire extinguishing sticker inside your smartphone or battery. Isn't there a need for countermeasures such as tracking fires from outlets right now? If you look at the attached documents, you will be surprised again by the number of electric fires!





    2021/01/24 UP TO DATE

             Successful microcapsule miniaturization experiment!

    On January 22, we succeeded in miniaturizing microcapsules (10μ).

             As you can see in the picture, the particle size is quite small,

             and the real thing is like powder. In the future,

             we will conduct fire extinguishing experiments, etc.,

             compare the fire extinguishing ability with conventional products,

             and aim for commercialization.


      1月22日にマイクロカプセルの微小化(10μ) に成功しました。




We have succeeded in miniaturization experiments of microcapsules. In the future, we will process it into a sheet shape for a fire extinguishing ability test and evaluate it in an actual fire extinguishing experiment. At the same time, we will determine the appropriate amount of capsules to be mixed in the sheet and compare the fire extinguishing ability with the conventional product. After that, we will start studying the optimization of capsule particle size and start making products that can be mass-produced.





We made a video of the fire extinguishing experiment videos summarized. Please see the oil fire, momentary fire, etc. from the outlet.



about ABC fires which are often inquired by customers I conducted an experiment. As a comparative video, I also conducted an experiment with an outlet cover without a sticker. Without the sticker, the heat-resistant polycarbonate will melt.



We put into the car engine room and tested for durability. The internal temperature was extremely high, and there was dirt such as soot and oil, but when I peeled it off and did a fire extinguishing test, it disappeared without problems. After testing for 3 months, the durability of the sticker is outstanding!