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2024/02/07 UP to DATE

We have updated our website as we enter our 8th fiscal year next month. All technologies are summarized in one place in an easy-to-understand manner, so please take a look at SAIKYO's future vision with a clean image on the NEW HP. .

8期目の新年度を来月に迎え新たにHPを更新しました、全てのテクノロジーを1カ所に判り易く纏めてありますので​スッキリとしたイメージとともに今後のSAIKYOの目指すビジョンをNEW HPでご覧下さい。

2024/01/26UP to DATE

Added fire extinguishing cloth to product family


A3個人向けパンフ-修正 copy.jpg

2024/01/19 UP to DATE

Is it because of the burning incense sticks in the palace of a certain politician? When I heard the news about the fire, I placed a fire extinguishing cloth under the incense stand of the Buddhist altar in my small job. Actually, the cloth I had placed underneath it had been burnt before, and I was worried that it was due to the incense burner being improperly lit, so I installed one. Fire extinguishing cloth can also be used in this way! Everyone is sorry for the mismanagement of the incense sticks. Please be careful.



2024/01/09 UP to DATE

スクリーンショット 2024-01-09 14.25.14.png
スクリーンショット 2024-01-09 14.25.02.png

2023/12/15UP to DATE

We have opened a fire extinguishing sticker sales site for individuals!


A3個人向けパンフ-修正 copy.jpg
A3個人向けパンフ-修正2 copy.jpg

What’s New 2023/05/30 UP to DATE

Electric bicycle explosion fire

スクリーンショット 2023-05-30 15.07.14.png
2023/05/30At past 11:30 a.m., a male witness called 110 at the Shinjuku 4-chome intersection in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, saying that a bicycle was exploding. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, a woman in her 30s began to smoke from the battery while riding an electric assist bicycle, and then exploded and the car body burned down. The woman was evacuated before the explosion and was not injured.
​We are currently receiving inquiries from many customers (lithium-ion battery manufacturers),  
Hope that the SAIKYO digestion sticker will be useful.

2023/05/30午前11時半すぎ、東京新宿区の新宿4丁目の交差点で「自転車が爆発している」と目撃者の男性から110番通報がありました。 警視庁によりますと、30代の女性が電動アシスト自転車に乗って走行中にバッテリーから煙が出始め、その後、爆発し、車体が全焼したということです。 女性は爆発前に避難し、けがはありませんでした。  TBS NEWS


For tracking fire prevention


消火実験ビデオFire extinguishing experiment video 灭火实验视频

We made a video of the fire extinguishing experiment videos summarized. Please see the oil fire, momentary fire, etc. from the outlet.



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