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-20℃冷凍庫内消火実験  -20 ℃ Freezer fire extinguishing experiment  -20℃冷冻机灭火实验

At the request of the customer, A sticker left in the -20 ℃ freezer all day and night,The fire was extinguished immediately.

お客様からのご依頼で-20℃冷凍庫に一昼夜放置したステッカーでの消火実験です。  アッという間に消火しました!

消火実験ビデオFire extinguishing experiment video 灭火实验视频

We made a video of the fire extinguishing experiment videos summarized. Please see the oil fire, momentary fire, etc. from the outlet.



For tracking fire prevention


 Express our deep gratitude to many customers who have adopted this product this year.

Thanks for  That the number of companies that can be adopted by inquiries and presentations from a large number of customers such as semiconductor factories, electric appliance makers, house makers, pachinko halls in Ibaraki prefecture, etc. all over the country will increase.

Next year, we expect to finally resume sales to Southeast Asian countries, and I would like to provide safety and security to the world.




 The Report

New born Fire Fighting Paint

We received many requests from customers, so it took a year to complete the trial production, testing, and finally completed.   Fire Fighting Paint !! It is a paint that has the same fire extinguishing ability as a conventional sticker just by painting it to the place where it is exposed.Moreover, if it is a high voltage or high output area of ​​200v or more, you can freely paint adjust it by applying a large amount.   Please consider this opportunity.

お客様からのご要望が多く寄せられたので1年の歳月を掛けて試作から試験そしてついに完成しました、Fire Fighting Paint!!今までステッカーが貼り辛い箇所(ダクト、分電盤の配線が入り組んでいる所等)へ塗るだけで従来のステッカー同様の消火能力を持った塗料です。



New born Fire Fighting Cloth


The Fire Fighting Cloth, which is only 0.5mm thick, is finally here!

It is very soft and can be carried in a pocket, drawer, etc. like a handkerchief, and the fire can be extinguished immediately in case of emergency.

厚さわずか0.5mmのFire Fighting Cloth(消火布)がついに誕生しました!